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As a professional powder coating company in Lancaster county, you can turn to us for all your residential and commercial powder coating needs.

There is no job too large or small for our powder coating professionals. We offer complete customization in powder coating services.

Powder coating lasts about twice as long as paint does. It shortens lead time because it can be completed in one application, instead of waiting for multiple coats of paint to dry.

By using polymer resin with leveling agents and additives, a uniform finish becomes a hard coating that resists damage and corrosion.

After the powder coat has set, additional layers may be applied over it to reach a desired thickness, or achieve a custom finish.

Powder coating repels both moisture and chemicals, both of which are causes of corrosion.

Powder coating holds up well in extreme temperatures without chipping. Allow us to put our experience and skill set to work for you.

Our dedicated powder coating professionals will provide you with friendly service and top-tier results.

To place an order or for more information, contact our powder coating professionals.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the process of coating metal with plastic to protect and seal it. The plastic is applied as a powder, then baked to cure it.

The result is a scratch-resistant, smooth finish that has no drips or runs like you would have used paint.

Moreover, Powder coating is used in many high exposure applications, such as light poles, road signs, guard fails, fencing, patio furniture, and lawn equipment.

The process is simple, requiring only sandblasting or chemical cleaning the surface, coating it, then baking to cure the coat.

Powder coating is the most durable way to coat any metal surface.

Powder coating is also a popular option for heavy equipment because of its damage resistance and durability.

Parts, appliances, and automobile industries use powder coating to protect and customize their products.

The customized color and finish combinations that you can create with powder coatings are nearly limitless.

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Taking Powder Coating Off Your To-Do List

Whether you’re interested in one-time powder coating, or a hundred machines powder coated per week, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We take pride in our dedication to providing the highest quality powder coating services at budget friendly prices.

We offer a personalized approach to your needs, and will schedule our services to carry out your tasks efficiently.

Powder coating is a more cost effective alternative to painting. The main reason is because the low cost materials can be applied quickly, without waiting for coats to dry.

This drastically reduces costs, lead time, and production time. Requiring only sandblasting or chemical preparation, the material can be prepped, coated, and baked in under a day.

Powder coating provides a smooth finish without the runs and drips that occur with paint. A scratch resistant finish that doesn’t chip or rust is achieved after the first coat is applied.

This long lasting treatment ensures that you’ll save money on reapplications, because it has double the life span of paint products.

Will Professional Lawn Care in Lancaster County Benefit You?

Our powder coating professionals are often asked, “why should I hire someone for powder coating?” Before you make a decision on powder coating professionals, ask yourself these questions:

powder coating

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our powder coating services would pair great with your equipment.

There is no job too large or small for our powder coating professionals. If you are tired of spending your precious time to do the powder coating work yourself, give us a call by clicking the button below or request a quote via our contact form.

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Other Benefits Of Powder Coating

Powder coat costs are cheaper than painting, and the labor to apply powder coating is less than half of the labor required to paint, seal, and dry the materials.

Cheaper material and less labor mean powder coating is a cost-effective solution to protecting your parts and equipment.

Reduced lead time is always more cost-effective, and a powder coating is around ⅓ of the preparation, paint, and dry time required to achieve a similar effect using paint.

The fact is, powder coating saves you money in refurbishing because of its long-lasting durability. You won’t need to recoat for many years, and the strength of the coating ensures your parts are protected from chips, scratches, and corrosion.

Powder coating uses no solvents or harsh chemicals in the process, and there are zero VOCs produced in the powder coating process.

There is very little material wasted during the application, and air pollution is drastically reduced by choosing powder coating overpainting.

There is no need to use a primer when powder coating, or a sealant coat, which helps reduce the chemicals that damage the earth.

In fact, when using thermoset powder coating, the powder coat can be reheated and removed or altered, and can even be reused.

That’s because the thermoset powder coating isn’t affected by high temperatures so it makes it perfect for use in high heat applications that would destroy the adhesive material in paint.

You don’t need any harsh chemicals for the application process, and that makes powder coating a more environmentally sustainable option.

Powder coating can be applied to metal, concrete, steel, and plastic. It’s effective for both indoor and outdoor applications and can stand up to heat, cold, moisture, and excessive use without chipping or peeling.

Currently, powder-coated parts are seen in automobiles, the aerospace industry, construction equipment, road signage, lawn and garden equipment, tools, furniture, and many other categories.

Some items you may be familiar with that are powder coated prior to use are wheels, light poles, guard rails, and heavy construction equipment.

If powder coating can protect these items that are some of the most mistreated materials outdoors, and provide protection for years without being reapplied, it can easily handle smaller applications like parts, furniture, cabinets, and automobiles.

Powder coating is the practical and environmentally sound solution to protecting your parts, tools, machines, and vehicles.

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